Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome to the conversation!

So glad you’re checking out my blog site. I hope that my posts will be the starting point for larger conversations. It is my main goal to have this be fairly interactive, as I always value thoughtful, intelligent, well-crafted discussion on any topic.

So what qualifies me to be both a participant as well as the moderator of these challenging conversations?

I think I have a sufficient number of pages in my Book of Life to be able to offer my own particular point of view on a topic with the express hope of starting a conversation. I do not claim infallibility, superior intelligence or even personal experience of all the topics we’ll deal with. I feel that my true calling in life is to ask the questions. I don’t always need an answer, but I do need to know that I have started a process of thought for someone else.

As Trinity (The Matrix) says, it’s the questions that drive us. Why is our nation in the situation it is? What does our actions towards the least of us say about our society? Is religion the ultimate judge of what is right and wrong? Is there a God? Why do we still have such a stigma for those who are mentally ill even in the face of ongoing research that proves most of the diseases are actually chemically driven and not just “all in your mind”?

You get the idea. In order to make the conversations interesting and provocative without actually inciting riot, obscenity and trolling…I will be an alert and conscientious guardian of the threads, removing and blocking anyone who cannot be polite, who is obviously only trying to make people upset without contributing to the conversation. I will also remove/block anyone who hijacks MY threads for their own blog about their pet peeve. Word Press is not hard to use; if you want to say something and you think it’s important enough to share, get your own blog. After all, here I am.

So that’s the rules: be polite, have a worthwhile addition to the conversation at hand, question everything but in such a way that it’s not an attack on the author or the other readers. Spelling and grammar will be checked, since I expect people who are having an intelligent discourse to be able to write clearly and coherently. I’m not going to be an ass about it, but trust me, if your comment reads like a 3rd grader got a hold of your computer–and the content is just as incoherent…bye bye. Oh, and obscenity…I have no problem with the appropriate swear word when discussing anything. I will NOT tolerate obscenity that is posted specifically to be foul language directed at a person. The idea is that this place serves as a meeting of equals, with every voice as important as the next. So resorting to name-calling is childish and…bye bye.

Now that we’ve covered that, let me give you a brief biography. I have traveled, quite literally, all over the world. I have lived in Vietnam (during The War); Thailand, Iran, and Germany. I have lived in a handful of different states–born in MO, lived in GA, NC, MD, TX, VA and CA. I now live in Eureka CA, after abandoning 10 years of life in Northern VA under the dark and deadly cloud of Washington DC. For the record, the difference in the people there and here is MILES apart!

I am married, and all jokes about it aside, to my soul mate, the Perfect Man (FOR ME). I may ask him to join us occasionally, as he is a political beast–and able to articulate his viewpoints extremely well. I have 2 grown children from a previous marriage, and between them, they have made me a grandmother 3 times–2 girls and a boy. I served in the US Air Force (1980 – 1984) and now am very grateful for the health benefits I have because I’m a Vet. I have a strong background in computers and I adore technology in all its myriad forms. I do make the point of reminding people that technology is our slave, not vice versa.

I have a lot of trivial bits of information in my head, on a wide and eclectic range of topics. I have worked in computer maintenance (USAF); I was a stay at home mom for about 13 years. When I went back to work, I actually flipped burgers while I was going to school for Nursing Assistant. I worked in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. I was a Customer Representative setting up reservations for a teleconferencing company; I eventually went to the Post Call Services department in that same company. I also worked help desk for Congress. (Don’t start me. You do NOT want to know just how pathetic some of our elected representatives [House or Senate] are when it comes to their computers. Sigh.)

Between the travel, the various jobs and just generally being interested in all sorts of things, I feel well suited to this challenge! I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Again, welcome. Now let’s go face that challenge and start a conversation!


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